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Corey Welch Dog Trainer

Meet Corey


Corey is pretty much half dog. He has always been animal obsessed. When he was a kid, he had a tissue box he called his Mini Zoo that was filled with all sorts of tiny plastic animal figurines. He would never leave home without it! 

Growing up, he thought he wanted to be a veterinarian but when he started studying pre-veterinary medicine in college, he quickly realized that was not the path for him. During and following his semesters of study, he held a job as a vet tech at Cornerstone Animal Hospital in Gilbert for 6 years. There, he realized that he was much more interested in the mind of the dog rather than the body. Plus, he had a natural affinity towards his canine patients and was constantly asked to work with the unruly pups when they came in for exams and vaccinations. He also thoroughly enjoyed relaying the information he knew about the canine mind to the clinic’s clients. This coaching sparked the idea that perhaps canine behavior was his true path. 

Once his mind was set, he struck out to learn as much as he could about the mind of the dog. He spent about a year mentoring with a trainer out of LA who specialized in intense behavior modification, came back to the Valley and worked for a local dog training company, Top Dog, for 7 years. At Top Dog, he was given the chance to refine his skills, practice a solid method for creating stronger canine communication and fine tune his abilities particularly with pups with the most severe behavioral challenges. He also became a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. Now, Corey is striking out to build Dog’s Eye View to help the dogs and families who are searching for understanding, clarity and peace.

Kate Kaurich

Meet Kate


Kate is just as, if not more animal centric than Corey. She too could not leave the house as a child without animal friends but her preferred creature companions were her hoard of plush horses, dogs, cats and rabbits. Originally from the great state of Michigan, she moved to the desert in 2014 seeking a warmer climate. She packed up her things, her dog Riley, put her horse, Rory, on a semi and off they went all to avoid the cold winter months. 

Since moving to the Valley, she worked a couple different jobs before landing the gig as Arizona Animal Welfare League’s Volunteer and Events Manager. She loves working for the shelter and doing her part to help pets in need. 

Corey and Kate, live in Tempe with their pack of four dogs, Bella, Loba, Ogun, and Riley, as well as two cats, Howlett and Cali. Not only are they huge animal lovers, they are both huge nerds. From Marvel superheroes, a rousing game of Pokemon Go, to that fantastical lands of Middle Earth, they loves it all. Corey even proposed while playing Dungeons and Dragons!