What to expect

The Evaluation

Before determining a course for training, it is important to talk through where your dog is now and what your goals are for his or her behavior and training. During the one to two hour evaluation, Corey will listen to understand your dog's challenges, explain his philosophy, and help establish a structure for your dog at home. Not only is this a great time for Corey to get to know you and your dog, it is also somewhat of an interview for Corey! You both will want to make sure that you click before diving into the training. If you don't feel 100% comfortable with Corey's philosophy and style, then the training will not be effective so we want to make sure that it is a good fit on all sides. 

Private Lessons

After the evaluation, this is where the learning happens. Come to us, or Corey can go to you. You will follow a 6 or 12 week curriculum tailored to fit your dog's individual needs and your personal goals. Lessons typically last about an hour where you will learn how to communicate clearly and build a stronger bond with your pup. 

Lifetime Support

We know that the path to clear communication with your pet is long and challenging but, when you become a Dog's Eye View client, we will always have your back! Corey will be available to chat via phone, text or email about the best course of action for your dog. Whether it is answering questions, giving quick tips, explaining a new technique to try or scheduling follow up lessons, Corey will be there to help!